2019 Ford Armored SWAT "Mayhem" Vehicle

$ 1,250.00

Item #: 2019

Transmission: Automatic  

Exterior: Satin Black

Interior: Gray

Other:  Most well equipped SWAT / Assault type truck in the industry,  Runs excellent, satin  paint,  grey seats up front, 6 fold down tan rear seats with harnesses, 4 inside rifle/shotgun mounts,  clam shell opening rear and side doors, has roof flood lights, flip up Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), removable side rails for troops, wall breacher and extensions, simulated gun ports on each side and cab doors,  full red/blue police lightbar and trim lights,  graphics shown are examples only, similar vehicle #2173.   NO AGING ALLOWED

Photo Date: 02/22 (MM)